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Any Info on Shadow ??

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I just wanted to throw this out there hoping perhaps it might result in some news...

Has anyone heard from or does anyone have any information on the status of Ed ? 

I look at this Gate everyday hoping to see some post from Ed or some news on him but it never happens.  Awhile back I contacted Dave to see if he had any info but he didn't. 

I know Ed was going through some tough times and then he dropped off the radar.  I was just wondering if anyone has come across any info on how Ed was or is doing ?   

Just a shot in the dark.   


I miss him too. If his address is known, someone nearby could go there to check.

He is fine from what I heard. Recovering from back surgery.

Good news, Jeff.  Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Jeff for letting us know the status of Shadow
Look forward to reading about his adventures when he is feeling better



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