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Looking for a CAD/CAM program

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I am looking for a free/low cost CAD/CAM program for designing parts to print with a 3D printer, or machine with my CNC mill if/when I get it running again.  I've either got a bad stepper motor, or a bad piece on the break out board.  I haven't investigated yet to find out which.

Any recommendations for something easy and intuitive, or lots of YT tutorials?  Thanks

Fusion 360


--- Quote from: scion19801 on March 16, 2022, 01:13:09 AM ---Fusion 360

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Thanks, I was trying to learn Fusion 360 about 10 years ago when I first converted my mill.  I think I milled a couple of circular holes and rectangles in some 1/4" Al.  Then I got busy and the mill sat for years, along with all my other machining tools. 

I went to sign back up a few years ago, and it was my understanding it was no longer "free" for hobbyist.  Everyone was recommending migrating away from Fusion 360.

I just read this article and it "appears to still be free for hobbyist", you just have to re-new every year. 8)

yes, its still free for hobbyist non commercial use. with renewal every year.

Rob M:
for basic designs , tinkercad.. You can then send that file direct to fusion 360 to either do cam , slicing , or both.( theres a direct link since both are autodesk). the learning curve on tinkercad is fast.. With zero experience , you will be able to draw whatever you can think of in a few months.


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