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Nomadic Pirate:
Regained the best hunting property I ever had, lost it a couple years ago when some dog hunters killed a cow on the ranch you have to drive through to get to it, just regained access last week and already whent for a scout Sunday, man so much changes in a couple years here so many fallen trees completely altered passage in some of my favorite hunting areas.

Also gaining access to a property that sounds just as good that a friend just bought,......going to check access and have a look around today  ;D ;D

Still not going to be hunting as much sine I'm working way more hours nowadays but should be able to maximize the time I get given  ;D

 The 2 W's that keep me from getting out hunting lately, Work and Weather  >:(
Cool to se you got your old hunting grounds back, amazing how nature can change things in short time, imagine if everyone quit mowing lawns and spraying weeds ???

bear air:
Congrats on regaining your old hunting grounds again Manny. Looking forward to reading your threads. This sounds like a great opportunity to get that standard out on the hunt.

Nomadic Pirate:
Already took the Standard Sunday for a scout.

might go tomorrow to see if I can find a good spot to set a feeder.

After today I will have 60 hours on my timecard,...not much time to play :( :(

bear air:
That is a lot of hours for sure. How did the standard feel in the field?


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