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Benjamin Akela For Hunter

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This venture ended as quickly as it was thought up... After some digging/research, the Akela does not seem to be a platform that I want to futz with.  I am swirtchig lanes to a buy once-cry one offer as I just bought a RAW TM1000 that I will instead. 

New thread will created to document that journey.

Update:  Although I have decided to get a TM1000 for Hunter, I have also decided to work on the Akela as a side project.  I have kind of challenged myself to build the Akela to perform in Hunter FT.  I have completely tore the rifle down (goodness at the dirt and oil througout), to replace the hammer spring and to add a Huma regulator.  I always like tinkering with the Benjamin Marauder, and the Akela platform seems easy enough to do the same.

JMJ in NC:
Was following this thread. Per the accuracy section cited, the “mass at length” provides stability, but a higher mass alone will also provide stability. Generally, the longer the gun, the higher the mass. So is it the mass or the length that provides the stability on a “long gun”?

The author cites a long gun that is 2x the mass of a bullpup. If the example was 2 guns of equal mass, same barrel length, I would be convinced.

I think if you can hold a heavy bullpup as steady as a long gun, pound for pound the accuracy should be the same.

Time will tell as I intend to try FT with my Akela, time permitting.


I find that when shooting offhand, the Akela settles really well into my hold...  My first bullpup, so I do not know if others would fit as well, but I know this fits nicely.

I followed your thread on Akela hammer springs, as well as others, and I have purchased a number of different springs in the popular "cut length" that many Akela shooters have settled on; 2.5" long  Mine range from 2.45 to 2.59.  Wire diameters did not very much at all, as most are .050" with one or two in the .049" range.

I am currently deep cleaning the rifle, and am about to tear into the airtube to get the regulator installed.

JMJ in NC:
Best of luck with your Akela mods. I’m very happy with mine now that the hammer spring issue is resolved.

I just swapped out my 1/2” riser and high rings for an Aim Sports 1-piece cantilever mount. Shed a bit of weight and complexity, and looks proper now. Hopefully it sights in well.



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