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Benjamin Akela For Hunter

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A big component is what is fun to shoot.
For me my Marauder is more accurate than my Akela, but no where near as fun to carry and shoot.
Akela with Immersive optic is an extremely fun combination, medium tight package with very wide field of view at 14x power.
Not a conventional combination to win nationals, but an incredibly handy combination in the field.

 So I made the mistake of running my new-to-me RAW TM1000 (.177 @ 17ft lb) at the same time I was testing the Akela... The RAW was better in every way imagineable.  However, that Akela did not disappoint.  The rifle has been modified a bit, what with a new reg install etc.  There is still lots of breaking in to be done, but at the moment she is shooting 1" groups at 35-yards.  Not ideal, but it seems that is par for the Akela.  Barrel polishing helps as I have read, maybe try and see if there is a burr.

The RAW is a dreamliner to shoot.  My accuracy is not so good, but with the RAW, I was shooting tight groups at 35-yards, at least .5"  rested.  She loves the Air Arms pellets.

I think that the bulpup will be easier for the standing shots, those often determine the winner.  The longer shots are reasonable,  but the 10-15 yard shots are DIFFICULT with a high mounted scope.
The KZ may be inch, the holdover will be wrong if you misjudge the range by one yard.



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