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PCP Umarex Gauntlet.22 bolt issue


Need help w/Gauntlet.22 PCP.   BOLT WILL NOT PULL BACK ALL THE WAY??     Day old A/Rifle.  Have no idea what in the **** is going on???   Baffled honestly.   User manual no help.     Can someone who actually knows what’s what please hit me back asap.   Or email.

 Sounds like the hammer spring is adjusted too tight, lessen the tension until it will cock and if it is shooting too fast for the pellets you are using turn it back some more till you get accuracy or decide that is not a good pellet for the gun :)

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
A few more details would be helpful.  Is it the first generation Gauntlet or second generation?  If it's the fist, they don't have a hammer spring adjuster, unless an aftermarket adjuster was added.  I have not idea if the second generation has an adjuster for the hammer or not.  It's been a while since I owned a Gauntlet, so I don't know if I can be of more assistance or not, but it does sound like something is binding the hammer spring or the bolt itself. 


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