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        After several months of owning a Leshy 2, I must shed light on multiple significant issues with this airgun to save other enthusiasts and hunters from making the mistake of purchasing one. These issues are in no way related to user error. They are intrinsic products of the design.

        Edgun markets their products as hunting tools for "discerning outdoorsmen". In the words of Fred Bear, inarguably a discerning outdoorsman of the highest order, "A rainstorm isn't a reason to quit the hunt, it's a reason to stay.” ... Don't let a little poor weather dictate your hunt's outcome. It is in "poor" weather that the MAJOR, FATAL design flaws of the Edgun Leshiy 2 present themselves. I will first describe multiple issues that are severe, but not fatal. I will then describe the fatal flaws of this design.

        The first set of problems can be experienced at any time; they are not limited to rainy or snowy conditions. First, with the factory normal angle grip (as opposed to a zero-angle grip), the wrist of the hand you operate the trigger with will frequently hit the foremost corner of the lower air tube of the stock, eventually creating a bruise. Not a fatal flaw, but annoying, especially considering the price. A similar issue occurs with the lower of the two hinges that allow the stock to fold; it repeatedly digs into the top of your thumb's first knuckle, eventually causing a bruise. These two issues may be mitigated, though not solved entirely, by using an aftermarket zero-angle grip that offers your thumb and wrist more clearance from the offending hardware. A third non-fatal issue has to do with the trigger and valve. In order to operate this assembly correctly, you must move decisively through the trigger pull. Pulling slowly allows a pre-mature seep of air to escape the valve, potentially affecting the relationship of pellet, magazine,and barrel, and thereby decreasing the consistency of that shot in relation to others where the trigger is used correctly. Those of us who cut our teeth on guns with hammers and trigger sears will have to re-learn their approach to the trigger pull in order to find consistency with the Leshiy 2. Each of these issues are annoying, but they can be overcome, and would not prevent me from purchasing this gun had I known about them ahead of time.

        The second set of issues are more severe, and pertain to the gun's usability and function during any precipitation, be it rain, snow, or any other wintery mix. The Leshiy 2 uses a small portion of a shot's discharge of air to cycle the magazine. It is worth noting that I have never experienced a failure of the magazine to cycle, even in icy precipitation that causes the problems that are forthcoming. One of these problems is that, in any precipitation situation, the discharge of air that has cycled the magazine causes a spray of water (in rain) or icy snow to hit you directly in your face and eyes with every shot. This is similar to the spark-and-smoke-to-the-eyeballs issue that plagued flintlock muskets with powder pans and heralded the invention of the percussion cap. This is a completely unacceptable design flaw, and would have prevented me from purchasing this gun had I known of it in advance.

        A second issue stemming from the ports through which air escapes after cycling the magazine also presents an absolutely fatal flaw of the Leshiy 2. These ports allow water to enter the valve assembly. If the temperature is below freezing, this can cause a complete failure of the trigger and valve assembly. Loaded, pressurized, and with the safety off, the crisp initial stage of the trigger disappears completely and the gun entirely fails to fire or cycle when the trigger is pulled until it is left in a warm environment for some time. This is a completely unacceptable and fatal design flaw that prevents the Leshy 2 from being reliable in any winter setting. The latch that locks shut the folding stock that must be opened to reload the gun can also freeze up, preventing the action from locking closed or opening easily.

        It is worth noting that these issues all occurred within an hour of this gun being used during a mild snowstorm, well above the advertised minimum operating temperature of 15 degrees fahrenheit found in the owner's manual.

        The consequence of these issues is that the Edgun Leshiy 2 is unusable in any precipitation. This is completely unacceptable to any serious hunter, the target market of this piece. If I could return this gun, I would, but BE WARNED, all sales of guns by Edgun West are final.

        The irony of a Russian-designed gun failing in snowy winter conditions does not escape me.


Wow, sorry you are unhappy with the L2. Just for record though, when you pull the trigger, slowly, it does not release air into the firing path. It actually vents to atmosphere whether you pull it fast or not. It is the way this valve is designed.

As for water getting into working parts, then freezing and making the mechanism inoperable, I believe we could duplicate that scenario on most all arms. Admittedly, not all manufacturers advertise ‘all weather’ conditions.

I wish you were happier with your purchase. They are definitely pricey and it would be nice if  ‘satisfaction’ was guaranteed.


This is when the Hatsan comes out and L2 stays in the safe :) it’s like taking a Mercedes G wagon rock crawling. I’ll take my Cherokee instead and not care

more money should equal less worries and more thought in design, not more compromises. Good to know about the valve venting to atmosphere, thank you!

Sorry to hear you are not happy. We dont have snow here so i have not had problems. If you have the Repr version with the external adjustable regulator you can PM me.


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