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Just finished up a Really Fun Conversion and Modifications ... BSA Style


Acquired this rifle a month or so ago in a trade deal.  It was a Factory "GoldStar" that had the original stock replaced with a Minnelli Beech one off the Scorpion SE.

Was told gun purchased used and factory Goldstar stock had broken in transit .. thus the replacement.

Fill and pressure gauge out on end of air tube leaving the BIG 1" hole forward of trigger guard within the replacement stock ( Factory SE gauge position ) filled with a cheesy rubber plug covering it.

This is what we had when received. There were zero mechanical issues and it shot pretty well but not great. So we went to work !!

First off the screw on barrel brake at muzzle did nothing and rifle was way too loud !  So using a cut down factory shroud made the required parts to retrofit onto the short 15" barrel we get a fully functional shroud.  While there a barrel clean up, lapping etc done.

Up next we addressed the pressure gauge & fill.  An order off to Kribbs international in the UK, we order a "SE" spec pressure manifold and flange nut attaching that to a HUMA "SE" spec regulator taking off the OEM garbage regulator and shorty plenum spacer tube.  Now the air tube and gauge location are OEM "SE" spec and marry with stock perfectly.

Out front a factory conventional probe fill end plug & cap ( Removing the Fill / Gauge combo ) Had this in my parts spares from a take off.   HATING FILL PROBES . cut off the probe nose area, did some machining work adapting a Foster Fill . LOVE IT !!!  OEM cover cap screws on as previous too.

Next we addressed the high air use knowing these BSA's are not very air efficient due to pretty bad hammer bounce.   Making an Aluminum hammer core to replace the steel one and placing a PEEK strike tip on it. ( We eliminate the "Tink" of the strike noise )  Hammers total weight now nearly 1/2 the factory weight.  Prefabbed the parts and modified the rear Velocity adjuster cap to take a SSG ( Spring stopping guide ) assembly that places hammer in controlled free flight having ZERO bounce.  Stock got a clearance slot for it while also offering a visual if rifles cocked with the screw sticking out @ 3/4" or so.

Inside the Valve it received a PEEK poppet with a "@@ss%% Spring" modification.  Now valve shuts stupid fast and shot cycle sounds like a breaking stick SNAP !

After a bit of "Tuning" on the SSG Spring rate and Reg pressure we have the rifle shooting right at 12 FPE having an ES value +/- 3 fps setting at 100bar set pressure.

Shot count a solid 75+ shots !!!!  on a 230 bar fill to 100 bar refill.  Just amazing and so quiet too.

If this were a HOT ROD CAR ? it would be an AKA Sleeper having no clue whats going on outside a familiar exterior.   Total length 35"  Topped with an old school HAWKE Nite Eye Digital 3-1250 1/2 dot on a one piece saddle mount.  * A saddle mount on these rifles really stiffens up the breech across the magazine cut out and can add accuracy potential.

Accuracy now is hole in hole at 30 yards with H&N FTT's at @ 810 fps and it likes Crosman Box 10.5's too, tho shooting them @ 715 fps.


A very fun and satisfying FULL TUNE & MODIFICATION on a personal rifle.  This ones a KEEPER !!


Scott S

Motorheads AG Tuning Services

Beautiful Scott.

Awesome!  My box-stock Scorpion SE may not be hot-rodded like yours, but it is plenty accurate and a keeper for sure!  They are getting a little harder to find now, so I'm glad I got mine when I did!  (I think it was the same year as the last GTA member shoot at Glencoe KY, or the next to last...)

Nice work Scott, it looks awesome!



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