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AEA Varmint mods

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I’m sure others have modded their AEA’s. Here’s what I’ve got going with mine.

First, the hammer spring is stiff. Not horrible but pretty stiff. This in turn makes the trigger a little heavy. So, I made a balanced valve. While I was at it, I cleaned up where the valve seats. I bored it with a 1/2” endmill till the tapered seat was gone and I could use the smallest flat poppet I could. About .312”. The balance chamber is .200”. The piston is made from titanium and floats inside the valve screw. I cut the inside of the valve screw for a snap ring. The poppet is glass filled pei.

Then I made a new hammer spring from .045” music wire. I tapped the spring retainer/stock mount 7/16” fine thread. Made an adjustment screw that is bored for the spring guide. Cut slots inside it and drilled hole in spring guide. I cut a small screwdriver slot in spring guide. A piece of wire through the hole in spring guide links it to the inside of the adjustment screw. To adjust hst, just fold stock to access the slot in the spring guide. The hammer has almost a 3/8” of free flight at lowest set point.

I cut barrel threads further forward so the barrel nut tightens against the shroud mount. Now you don’t have to take the shroud mount off to take the barrel off. More a preference than improvement.

I made a ‘bolt action only’ trigger that gets rid of the disconnect overtravel and has a sear engagement adjustment screw.

Here is a picture of the the various parts mods. I also put the original hammer spring, poppet and poppet spring in for comparison.


I’ve added a Sekmet gauge to the varmint. The factory gauge is a very small 8mm thread. The sekmet I have is a 1/8 bsp. Where the factory gauge screws in the frame is pressurized so I didn’t want to enlarge that hole. Forward of it is where the grub screw to hold the bottle adapter fits, it’s not pressurized. I threaded it, drilled a hole in the adapter for a pressure source and use a Teflon washer.

I also made my bv externally adjustable.

I also added a cf tank.

This is a really fun gun to shoot and mod.


Nice looking stuff David!
I dont want to use any conventional valves anymore.
Some auxiliary force helping the valve open is a must.
Light cocking is pleasant to use and gives nice trigger pull too.


I agree, the human interface with the machine should be minimal. Cocking or trigger pull. I also like the idea of keeping the mechanical interface as nice as possible. A small, fast hammer strike seems less disruptive to a heavy hammer strike.

I hope my pilot valve works out as planned, I’ll be switching this over to it.


Have you installed the new parts yet?  If so, did you notice any improvements in accuracy, shot count?  Lower hammer spring pressure should be a great mod in itself.


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