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Rebuilt 342

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Figured some here reading the Vintage Gate might be interested in this 312 and spare me the temptation. :) 
It would make a nice companion for my 310, though... I must resist... or sell my late model 392 in favor of this finger pinching tootsie roll classic.... no, must resist... but, so pretty and with good numbers...

Wow!! That is a really big temptation for me also. These guns are among my favorites. The price seems a little high though.

I had a similar thought on the price, but, then again, the last one I saw show up for sale on a forum classified was in rough shape and was priced at $115. 

This one is in much better condition and I trust Mellon's work.
errr... must resist... :P

I wish I'd have never seen this one. Like you; "I must resist. I don't (REALLY) need it. Too much other priority stuff needed. etc. etc."

C Mellon:
It's a Benji 342 not a 312, & it won't hurt my feeling if no one buys it. I've had other pumpers, but none of them came out like this. The first 5-6 pumps are really easy, & that gets you 600fps.


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