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Nikon ProStaff NOT the EFR on a springer...?

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Hi all

I have an older 3-9x40 Rimfire scope that I'd like to press into service on an RWS 94 in .22

Its approximately a 16-17 fpe rifle with a good ahot cycle.
I know that the EFR version with AO is considered springer safe, but does anyone know if the non-EFR also is?


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While I’m not sure if this is helpful, I’ll offer it up anyhow… I love the Nikon scopes. For me they have been rock solid. I have three Nikon BuckMasters with BDC reticle, on three different springers. A D350, a D48, and a D34. Two of those are considered by many “Magnum” class springers, and notorious scope eaters. Not a single one of my Nikons has ever experienced even the slightest of problems being mounted on my rifles.
It’s a shame Nikon got out of the rifle scope game. They made a great product…


Well, if your Buckmaters held up to a 350 and a 48, I think I'll try my luck with the ProStaff on my 94.  Its a touch more powerful than a 34 but I would guesstimate that it has equal recoil.

I like to think that Nikon used the same innards for the 3-9 EFR version as they were using in the 3-9 non-EFR.

Of course, that's probably just wishful thinking..

The buckmaster line was made stouter for centerfire rifles. I've had reticles rotate on their rimfire line from the hammer shock of a Ruger 1022 semi automatic 22lr. If you are going to try the rimfire scope on the springer make sure it's mounted so it's zeroed near the optical center. If your gun has droop issues and the scope is zeroed anywhere near max adjustment, it won't live long. If you get a Sportsmatch Dampa mount it would likely survive. Unfortunately they're not cheap and l don't think they're available with droop compensation.


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