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--- Quote from: Airnut on June 09, 2021, 06:24:05 AM ---Be careful what you say about Pyramyd air! You do know that they are a fan favorite here and a forum sponsor. I have been complaining about their shady business practices for years!  But have fell on deft ears. Their buy three and get one free pellet deal is a joke and I won't even talk about their free shipping!
YES they do pack pellets very good but you are paying dearly for it. Nothing is free with these people.
But still you have people that follow them blindly.

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I'm getting that feeling. I would not have said anything if they had just done what they said they would. It's there right to do what it takes to remain profitable; probably why my business never got very big.

I've spent a bit there this year, well its a lot considering my budget. I don't mind paying a little extra to get decent service either. It's too bad as I was very comfortable buying from PA, and then this mess happened. Its not the money, its the trust factor that went out the window.

Eric G.:
It seems I am not the only one getting screwed.....I just wish they'd answer the phone so I could ask them to jam it in further!  But alas, I'll have to settle for being on hold indefinitely. 
I have sent certified letters and left countless voicemails and call back numbers.  Crickets.  Absolutely the WORST when it comes to customer service.
 Still waiting for my compressor to be repaired 6 months later!!


--- Quote from: Eric G. on June 09, 2021, 01:53:18 PM ---Still waiting for my compressor to be repaired 6 months later!!

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That is unfortunate, I  wish you better luck and soon. I've had my best luck getting answers from PA emailing Shannon in customer service. Many times PA got back to me quickly (via email) but every once in a while I get a slow response but so far all have been answered eventually.  I guess I should not be unhappy with them in my case. We are living through unprecedented times of shortages and super slow deliveries. I guess with inventory so unavailable, they are trying to keep the lights on any way they can. I mean I'm no expert, but I guess sales are down in almost every segment of this sport/hobby.  I bought a .22 PCP when I wanted a .25 PCP, why? No .25 pellets. 

I'd wager I'm not the only one thinking that way either.  I mean guns are paperweights without the ammo. I got a note about the Gen 2 DAR's in .25 today, and the gun looks great and the price is phenomenal, but again, no pellets. I want a compressor next though, just not sure which one.  I have only one PCP right now, so one that I can take with me and run off the car's battery at the range or in the field sounds like just the ticket. Got my eye on one that comes with a 110 volt power source too, but right now money is a bit tight for yours truly. I guess my sporadically operating cheap pump will have to keep me shooting for now. 

I truly hope your situation is remedied promptly. I wish you all the best.

Brand new to this hobby so limited time and experience but I have had any of the negative experiences. I have bought two guns from them they shipped them free and in a timely manner. Free is free not sure what there is to gripe about that…LMBO. Also their pellets are as well priced as anywhere I have seen. They aren’t bending us over with what they do get in stock like sellers on Amazon and eBay. Free tins are free tins LMBO. Again don’t get it.

Oh and I called once about a Benjamin Maximus and they called me back within an hour or so.   I will continue to use them.

They are not free tins, you are paying over inflated prices for the first three tins. Making the "free tin" the equalizer, almost.
If you order less than three tins you are really getting screwed.
If you want fair prices with good packing and no gimmicks check out Trenier outdoors.
With respect to their "free shipping"
The shipping cost is included in the higher prices you pay for the items. Case in point they will not give you free shipping if you use the gateway-pyramyd discount code. You have a choice of one or the other. If they gave you both without marking up their prices more then you would truly be getting free shipping.
Back in the day I worked part time selling new cars and it was customary to have a trade in allowance (average car was $1500.) for every car on the lot. This allowance was added to the price of the car. So when you offered the buyer 1500 dollars for his trade in and he knew that it was only worth a few hundred dollars he was happy as a clam. So what did he really gain? Nothing the dealer was the one that got over but the customer drove away with a big smile on his face.
Hey! Lets not get it twisted they are in business to make money and that's fine. They would not be in business very long if they gave away free merchandise. Somewhere along the line you are paying for it!
Their latest scam is over the top and their true colors are really showing throu!


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