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Eric G.:
Has anyone experienced terrible customer service from Pyramyd Air?  I have called dozens of times and they cut me off after 20 minutes.  They NEVER return calls or e mails.  I have been trying for months to get warranty service on a defective 4500 PSI compressor.  This outfit is just the worst when it comes to "support".  I will not buy anything from Pyramyd unless I can't find it elsewhere.
Any thoughts on this mess?

Iíve only ever made one purchase from them. I had to deal with cs and letís just say, they will never get another cent from me.

Now let the PA fans start chiming in to convince folks otherwise, like I was convinced before placing my $1000+ order.


Honestly, I've had okay customer service as long as my needs were very simple and easy to handle. My most recent email about some important information lacking in their products descriptions was met with this answer: "I'm sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for providing this information and we are sorry that we were unable to answer your questions. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help."  Pyramyd Air

In other words, we don't really care. 

I do know that I'm done with them as well. I've had multiple requests for notification when products return to stock.  Well it seems Pyramyd Air is selling product (pellets among other items) on eBay at higher prices and not telling customers at their retail site (who've been waiting) that the products are in. They still show as out of stock on PA, yet they have been on eBay for weeks.  I get it, they are making about $5 more per tin on eBay, and desperate folks are paying it, no free tins to mess with and shipping is higher too (there is term for this, but it escapes me). That is unfortunate to say the least and I won't be rewarding that sort of behavior with any future purchases.


Be careful what you say about Pyramyd air! You do know that they are a fan favorite here and a forum sponsor. I have been complaining about their shady business practices for years!  But have fell on deft ears. Their buy three and get one free pellet deal is a joke and I won't even talk about their free shipping!
YES they do pack pellets very good but you are paying dearly for it. Nothing is free with these people.
But still you have people that follow them blindly.

Chris USA:
I have not ordered anything for a couple of years,....but in prior years, their service was stellar. If something is amiss,... I hope they fix it. It is all too easy to find other options these days.

Of course price matters,...  but I would pay an additional $10 for a $200+ order (vs other vendor) if I knew the service would be there.

For any vendor,...I say skip the "points" and other gimmicky promos.

Keep up, stay ahead of the pack or get rolled over.


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