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Springer Mainspring and failure

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--- Quote from: Sfttailrdr46 on April 06, 2021, 01:52:01 PM ---This link is for those who want to understand the shot cycle and why mainsprings fail and "Twang"

Wow, very informative article, thanks for sharing the link.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for sharing the information.  I found it a bit too much to absorb in one sitting but interesting nonetheless.

Thanks, Thomas I had not been on the forum for very long and kept seeing posts that stated that the main spring and seals were considered consumable items, and being the head-scratcher that I am needed a more in-depth explanation.

NC Rick:
I felt like the analysis was a bit over simplistic.  Still hard to read.  I would like to se the springs twist and dimension change during compression and extension to also be considered.  The “fit” to a guide is dynamic in my view. Also the spring buckling also causes variations in friction. Quite complex. Experiment and testing would provide the experience needed to produce something akin to optimal performance.


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