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Air rifle silhouette

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Looking to start shooting air rifle silhouette here on the front range. We live on the south side of Denver so we'll either be shooting at Aurora gun club
 or at a private range outside of Sedalia.
We have two full sets of 1/10 scale targets{80}.
There will be two matches, first one will be shot off the bench at 22 long rifle silhouette distances chickens 40m,pigs 60m,turkeys 77m and rams 100meters.
Second match will be shot offhand at normal NRA distances, chickens 20yds,pigs 30yds, turkeys 36yds and rams 45yds.
Would like to start in March if weather permits and have once a month.
Email me at

Now this looks fun!
I know this area lol and be ready for wind and some great shooting

I've discussed this with a few guys and we thought that we should probably limit the calibers to 177 and 22 because of target damage and to not frighten of casual shooters off those being to two most common caliber guns readily available.
Not to say that people can't bring their bigger guns and shoot them at paper, we might also entertain a 100yd group or score match for the big calibers after the two silhouette matches.
BTW both locations enjoy some shelter from the wind particularly the Sedalia location.

Oh I think I like the sound of this...

So lets talk about dates, I'm a shotgun match director at a local club the 3rd saturday of every month, there's also a regular silhouette match the first and third sunday of every month.
I was thinking the 1st or 2nd saturday of every month unless there are people who have to work on saturdays or people go to church on sundays.
Thought or comments, we want this to work for as many people as possible.


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