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Everone should read this… Revised..UNDERSTANDING BALK FIRING

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Wow, I had no idea. Glad for the information- really useful for a newbie like myself.

Very good and helpful post. I'm a center fire benchrest shooter, safety is the word for sure , for yourself and the person to the right and left of you. I'm finding airgun shooting is opening up a new world for me . I don't even own a air rifle yet , doing all the reading up on the sport and looking at all the options . At this point the rifle I'm pretty sure I'm going with is the HW95 springer . I'm glad I found this forum , I'm sure I will be having conversations with many of you . Until the next time , Be Well and Safe

Thank you so much for the safety information.  It is good to know the things that can go wrong and be prepared no to make a costly mistake.  On the same subject, I have a couple of Umarex BB guns powered by CO2 cartridges.  They are a close replica of GLOCK 19 and they have a two stage trigger (same as the real one).  The first trigger blade will load the BB into the breach; if you keep pulling, the main trigger blade will cause the gun to fire.  If you release the first blade after is first depressed, then the loaded BB becomes unsecured and will fall off from the tip of the barrel.  Whether this can cause a double feeding, I don’t really know.  But it could become a safety issue.

Michael M.:
Add me to the long list of people saying thanks for this valuable info.


--- Quote from: Korak-again on December 31, 2011, 10:43:47 AM ---When a trigger is in the balk fire mode, isn't the very act of slapping the barrel to open it enough to fire the spring?

--- End quote ---
Yes I think so, I would never re-cock Pellets are cheap, just put one in the dirt. I did it once, went to re-cock a Diana 34 and it slipped out of my hand and bent the barrel.


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