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Everone should read this… Revised..UNDERSTANDING BALK FIRING

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Was wondering what to call it.  I know exactly what you mean and danger develops with a trigger partially pushed.
It raises the question of which air rifles are least affected by balk firing.  I look at my list and know the HWs are guilty! Every single one!
This is not true of the Theoben Eliminator--that trigger has stayed the same with all calibers I've owned.  It is NOT an easy trigger, the first stage runs right directly into letoff faster than any other trigger I've pulled including fire arm triggers.  It has no leverage point of wear and tear.  It fires SUDDENLY.

I am touting about the Eliminator trigger and perhaps others will disagree who own and shoot them but to me the fastest way around Trigger Balk is to get a rifle that won't allow a half cock.

Add the FWB Sport .177--this trigger is not a half cocking trigger--pressure is applied gently and the trigger settles into a cush position where it fires instantly.  I've said the FWB fires just like my Eliminator before in recoil and sound--now add the trigger!

Great Post!  Thanks for the insight to a real safety issue that many of us probably never thought of.

Great information, makes total sense but had never considered it. Safety First

Great observation! Never thought of that. Tuna trigger is functioning awesome.

Thank you for the information.
This is true of many firearms also.
The sear works the same on almost every trigger fired wepon.

SAFETY information, lets us shoot another day.


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