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Getting a NSA .22 to open up better ... a LOT better !

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First off not my idea, but taken from a few recent posts about low velocity slugs that mushroom easily.  Thank you guys !!

So ... taking a #2 Phillips screw driver tip then dressing each blade web with a dremel tool cut-off wheel, we get each web a tad thinner / sharper.
* Took me 3 tries getting my grinding technique right  & having control over equal thinning where it would contact the slugs hollow point  making a uniform impression.

Placing a NSA slug on a piece of flat and thick leather, gave three TAP TAP TAP's on the end of driver tip with a small tac hammer so the hollow cavity of slug took on this look.
Once establishing how hard to strike was able to go threw a 375 count of NSA 20.2's in @ 45 minuets.  Neurotic YES !!!

AS TO TESTING .... O' yes they now POP open where before was not that impressed  :P
Shot from @ 20 yards into 1 gallon jug of water at @ 1040 fps a stock 20.2 HP passed right threw the jug exiting leaving a round hole ... had tried this prior with a few bottles in line to catch the slug. In the past recovered slug was only slightly opened at HP cavity and in no was mushrooming  :P

MODIFIED with an X from tool described and shown, slug enters jug and does this !!!  POP peeling away to the depth of the HP cavity in a near perfect clover leaf shape.   Started as a .22 caliber and opened up to a .380" clover having no measurable weight loss still weighing 20.2 grains.

Chris USA:
Excellent! I love home experimentation just like that. Well done!

how did effect accuracy?

Awesome idea and relatively quick once one gets the hang of TAP-TAP-TAPPING it.👍🏼

Accuracy unchanged.  symmetry is important and you want to keep the disruption of the meplat to a minimum


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