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Hunting has been slow.

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Nomadic Pirate:
Well, more like my time has been taken by other things,

Summertime was very hot and pigs disappeared to higher elevations,
October came and winds went completely slack and at the same time suf started to pump,
November was the same for the first 2 weeks,
Trades have now come back lately improving hunting conditions mightily,
I was at my blind Wednesday and 2 very, very nice sows came to the feeder
Very nice dark grey full coats
I was carrying my MAX ML .25 and I could easily have taken one and posted a kill here but I decided to wait,
if you are patient enough those sows will be in heat at some point and very likely will drag a Big boar one day with them to the feeder.

To be continued....... ;D ;D

Patience is the key

Nomadic Pirate:
Today the same 2 sows came in and did indeed have a boar in tow,

But he wasn't what I was looking for so I just watched and took pictures.

There's a monster, black, furry boar in the area so I'm hoping those 2 Sows at some point will bring him in,

also I don't shoot hogs with curly tails or very thin coat and this boar has a curly tail so he's safe with me :)  ;D ;D

Why don't you shoot the ones with curly tails and thin coats?

Fascinating...awaiting update w/killshot video!  8) 8) 8)


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