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Condor type build

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Been playing with this build on and off for a bit. Got enough done to be able to show some progress.

It is a .32 caliber (32-20, .312Ē). Really close to a .308.

Iím not trying to build a powerhouse with this. Just a plinker. The valve is a MYOT regulated from eBay.

I only opened one side of the tube for loading. I want to keep as much structure there as possible. The top will be epoxied upon final assembly plus it has eight 10-32 screws to give it the rigidity of a condor.

The grip frame will have eight screws as well but no epoxy.

Iíve still have to make a trigger, sear and linkage. Carve a pic rail on top. Trigger guard. Angle front of top rail. Various other weight loss cuts.


Rob M:
that looks awesome.! 

Had time to get the sear and trigger done today. Was able to test fire it. My small spring was too weak. So I had to go to a bigger one.  Iíll get that sorted later. I hope to be able to use a little easier to cock spring. I need to lighten the breech block slider some. Itís robbing quite a bit of hammer energy.

725 FPS with a 64.5 gr @ 2150 psi

Still have a lot of whittling left to do but at least I know itís gonna work.


Rob M:
already pushing some good fpe.. pretty cool , i hope some air force builders chime in , Its a  platform i know little about..

I donít know much either except they are extremely simple. Iíve wanted one for a while but they are a touch out of my price range. But not out of my machines capabilities.

The valve was cheap, just took a while on the slow boat. I had to make a top hat for the top hat, so it is pretty restricted right there. Like I mentioned though, no plans to hotrod this.

Talontunes was where I figured out how the bits work together, just looked at a bunch of pics and read the descriptions.

Once I get this one Ďdoneí (guns are never done), it will be on to tuning this one and my sidelever.



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