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  Well I went out to the club yesterday and it looks like I will be joining it. They were nice enough to tell me not to join until November as that way I get this year and next. Price is up to 200 a year and 100 the first year, and at my age no work days.
  Now I will have to get off my dead @@@ and do something during the week LOL.

i've been there a couple of times and really like the place.  i had thought about joining, but just a 10 minute farther drive and i can shoot for free at my sister's farm.  are you aware there's a scuba shop 2 miles west of there?  not many ranges can boast that. 

it will be up to you to host a fun shoot this winter.   ;) ;)

Glad to hear you are joining. I am a life member at 72 years old. I was just there 2 days ago on a very windy day. The range is so well prorected from the wind. All surrounded by trees. The only wind that can be perceived comes from the parking lot.
I live in Darien. How about you?
Hope to see you out there sometime.

Hi Don,
 I live in Plainfield and the club is only 3.75 miles(the long way) from me. Would like to see you at the club one day.


I've been there several times, it's a great place to shoot. Nice people there in general too and never crowded. You'll probably have the place to yourself most days.


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