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John Wick:
IT IS OFFICIALLY ON. The Board of Directors met last night and approved the MONTHLY AIR GUN match. (pellet guns only. No Air Soft or BB Guns) Our first match will be Saturday October 3rd at Brock's Gap Training Center in Hoover, Alabama. If you would like more info on this FUN AND FREE event...please email me.
    The guns will fall into 5 Divisions: PCP, CO2, Spring Piston, Gas Piston, Pump
   The Shooters will be divided into 5 Classifications: Preteen, Teen, Adult, Senior(62-69), Super Senior (70+).
   The match will consist of 4 arrays of 10 targets each. The steel silhouettes (chicken, pig, turkey, ram) will be set up at the 20, 30, 36 and 45 yard line.
   8 shooters and their spotter will be called to the line at a time. They will be given 6 minutes to both sight in their gun and knock down the 10 targets in front of them.(the match is designed so that scopes will not have to be reset at each array)
   Shooters will be allowed to shoot sitting, prone, standing or from a bench.
   Only PRETEEN shooters will be allowed to use a rear bag for support.
   The Match Director will call out the remaining time each minute.
   The shooters will be allowed to shoot as many sighter shots as they want but when they start for record they must tell their spotter who will count the 10 shots.
   Any target that is hit but does not fall will still be counted as a hit if it has a mark on it upon inspection.
   At the end of the 6 minutes, shooters will step away from their rifles. Everyone will shift to the next array when directed by the Range Officer and continue until all 8 shooters have shot all 4 arrays.
   If there are multiple people with perfect 40 scores, there will be a "shoot-off" where the chickens will be placed at the 45.
   There will be several Safety Officers watching to make sure all rifles are pointed downrange at all times.
   The Shooters spotter may assist the shooter with charging the gun and/or reloading if the shooters gun has a magazine that holds multiple pellets.
   For more information text ...205-999-6060 or call 205-425-7845 or email 


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