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Umarex origin .22

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Good Video
WOW !!!  Excellent accuracy
I really do not need another airgun but......
$349.99 - 15% + no tax + free shipping + hand pump = $297.49 delivered
Thanks Travis

Umarex is eliminating all the excuses that are keeping people out of the PCP game.
They opened the door with the Gauntlet and now knocked it off the hinges with the Origin.
Accuracy, Power and independence from complicated fill solutions, what else is there besides an optic and ammo.

That will be next, mark my words.
Nice demonstration Trav

Nomadic Pirate:
Excellent,...what a time it is to dip your toes into PCPs

Sooooo much going on.

Looks like a great gun.  I'm new to the air gun world but what a great time to get into this wonderful sport! This gun reminds me a lot of my avenger. Wonder if there made in the same factory??? With guns like these its hard for me to spend $1000 plus on a high end gun. Looks like another winner!!!!


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