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We just lost a great air gun brother!!!!!!!!

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Hoosier Daddy:
I saw this terrible news on another thread... stunned.
 We were just conversing the other day on one of his muzzle brakes.

His generosity was immense. He let me make payments on my HW98 for months as I got the funds available.
O.C. even wanted to send it to me before paid off, but I insisted he wait until I had paid in full.
 Wonderful work he did on it too.... an I mean awe inspiring wonderful.
 Every time I shoot that gun from now on, I will think of WHITEFANG!!

R.I.P. Brother

Wow, this is sad news. I enjoyed his infectious exuberance for air gunning displayed over the years. A sad loss for the community for sure. My condolences to his wife and family.

This is indeed very unexpected and sad news. Fang will be greatly missed by all of us who have known him in the airgun community and by his family. I'm very sad to see him go, but I'm very glad he didn't suffer.  R.I.P buddy.

While I did not have the privilege of interacting with him, I do remember seeing his work on several different rifles. Impressive, each one.

A saddening loss, for sure. Rest in peace, OC.

I too was the recipient of his great airgun work and of his friendship.  We became very good friends, shot airguns in his backyard, talked about the world and life.  Had many great hours together.  He will truly be missed.  RIP OC


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