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We just lost a great air gun brother!!!!!!!!

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 Unbelievable. Young still and full of wisdom. Great guy, good friend. RIP my man.

Very sad news. RIP Whitefang.


--- Quote from: Rick67 on June 29, 2020, 05:23:55 PM ---Had no idea he was ailing  :(!

I was planning for some AG work to be sent his way.

--- End quote ---

Same here! I talked to him just a few weeks ago about doing some work on my R1- I was going to make it a road trip to Arkansas and go meet him and his wife. Seemed like a really nice guy!

Very sad to hear the news.

Please let us know if the family sets up a virtual book for signing. In more than one occasion, families have not been aware of the huge roles some old-timers play outside the family's interests.

Airgunners are all family, loosing anyone, anywhere, anyhow, is a loss.

Farewell, "Lobo Plateado".


I just found this I didnít know him long but he had been good as gold to me. He was a very good friend. Rip my friend


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