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We just lost a great air gun brother!!!!!!!!

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Mark 611:
It is with a very deep and saddened and very hart felt loss on my part, Our friend OC Bolding AKA WHITEFANG passed away on June 27TH at 12.21am, OC will be missed, he did a lot for the air gun community! OC was my friend and a brother to me like no other!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Here is a link to the obit and guest book for you to sign. Thanks to Darren for furnishing it.

WHAT? Hard to believe. Sad to hear our friend has passed. Hasn't been that long ago we chatted.
GOD Speed my friend. You will be missed but remembered!!!!

Whaaaat?  My condolences to his family... Dang.

Extreme .457:
   Deepest Condolences for White Fangs Family!!! Prayers for his family.

O' my ... that's terrible, sad and unfortunate.
FANG buddy .. gods speed our old GTA friend.

Scott S


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