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Reactivating the feeder

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Nomadic Pirate:
This winter was so wet that I had to take it down because the corn was getting all so wet and moldy

Putt it up couple weeks back, and today i was sitting and watching a bit,

the hole under is well defined and perfect for the needs

Pellet Fun:
This is going to be good !!!

At what distance you will be shooting?

Nomadic Pirate:
Not 100% sure because there's big boulders in front of the tree so I can't pace it out, but it's -/+ 20 yards.

I would have preferred to put the bucket a bit further out but I was limited by where I could hung it from, this is as far as I could make it happen :)

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
That looks like a real nice setup Manny. 

Happy Hog Hunting !   ;)

Best Wishes - Tom


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