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I was watching some video this morning on youtube about using PEEK filament and the temperatures get really high with that stuff, the filament is super expensive too.

Don't forget its a bit like thingiverse but they also let users sell there files so some files will only be sold there

And its more a place to sell your CG files but they also have a collection of STL files

Good to know thanks for sharing.


--- Quote from: Insanity on April 22, 2020, 10:35:20 PM ---Grabcad is one I have used its kind of lacking for air guns from my searches but great for other hobbies.

--- End quote ---

I am not sure what you were looking for,  Matt, but "PCP" brings up all manner of designs:

For instance:

McMaster-Carr is another good one for 3D models.

They have 3D models of almost everything they sell from bolts, nuts, tie rod ends, bearings. You can download as a Step file which then you’ll need to convert to an stl.


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