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Swapping Gauntlet Parts

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Haj, I originally asked this question when they first came out and never saw a definitive answer, and you are certainly one of the few qualified to answer, so here it goes; can I take a complete upper receiver/barrel shroud assembly off of a .22 Gauntlet and put it on the lower, stock, pressure tube, bottle assembly, of a .25 Gauntlet? Does everything basically line up? I know the transfer port would need to be matched but besides that any reason that it wouldn't work.  This seems like the easiest route to shooting the .25 grain, and up, pellets and potentially, slugs. These "whole" guns can now be found cheaper than a TJ's barrel for my Marauder. I tried doing a search but the search function on all the forums are really lacking. Thanks for any help or insight you have on it!

i'm actually looking to do this same exact thing PumaCarl. And yes it is way easier than one thinks. The .22 cal barrel and .25 cal barrel have the same outer dimension. from my searching and info i have gathered...all one needs is the .22 barrel and pellet probe(bolt). pretty much a drop in no mods needed. Now the other side of this is you need a way to adjust bottle pressure down slightly or a way to adjust the hammer hit which the JSAR super tune kit will give you.
My .25 is currently slinging 25.4 gr Air arms at 888 with a reg set point of 1750 psi or so. Only mods done are the JSAR tune kit and barrel port enlarged to 11/64".
Apparently the .22 cal barrels were punched out to .25 cal from what i have heard. I'm hoping to put in my parts order tomorrow. cost will be right around $120

Yes you can do exactly what you've written. In fact I have taken a .25 lower and married it to a .177 upper and made an incredible high energy .177 blaster.
Just to be clear, you do not need to make any other changes to attach the .22 upper to a .25 lower except maybe adding a Hajimoto Productions Super Tune Kit to bridle that hammer preload  ;)

pretty sure you can just swap barrel and bolt if i'm not mistaken. had you tried this haj?

Thanks for the reply! Very cool guys. Haj, did you, or do you, recommend cutting off the choke, if shooting slugs? Those FX hybrids are looking very tempting for the wind, on trying for starlings.


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