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Hey all,

So me and Craig H. started a group a while back.  We rekindled it and got an interest from other people.  GTA member 2L8 and a few others are also part of the group.  So for any Colorado Airgunners wanting to meet other Colorado Airgunners you are invited.  Heck, if you aren't from Colorado you're still invited.
Our next meeting is March 8, 2020 @ Feral Outdoors 3936 Tennyson St Denver CO.  The meeting time is 11a-2p.  Please feel free to bring your toys, but no shootin'!  We are currently looking for a range venue.  Just a place for us all to get together and discuss our hobby/sport.  PM me for any questions.

Thanks, see you all there.

Joe aka Monkeydad1969

Sorry I missed that last meeting but I will be there this far as range time.....lets talk about that and see what we can do for the Spring out here in Sedalia.

I have found a gun smith and machinist team in Parker that will work on my Hawk Barrel and a chocked .177 LW blank for the Hawk....they use lathes from history (late 1880-1950) and have working originals of Spencer and Henry Repeaters to hold and fire as well.....more on that when we get together.  It was a blast no pun intended!

Iíve got it on the calander already, looking forward to it!


It appears we have officially emerged!    ;D

We're trying. ;D


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