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Anyone using BSA Goldstar SE in the states?


Just wondering if anyone is using a BSA Goldstar SE in the states?  Any issues with the are they holding up?

Ted P

Worked on a few for customers who wanted more power or better consistency.
As delivered >12 fpe power.
Non adjustable or serviceable regulator ( Non Tamper )

In essence a Gold Star is nothing more than a Scorpion SE action with a special stock fitted and spec length barrel having a factory regulator.

I'm not in the States, but i bought a 12 fpe in the UK three years back and have won several HFT matches with it against other people shooting AirArms, Steyrs, Walthers, Weihrauchs and the like. It's very accurate and very consistent. I replaced the factory regulator with a Huma regulator because some people reported that the factory regulator wasn't stable above 200BAR although i didn't experience these problems myself.


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