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Slugs for .25 Sumatra?

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I'll be keeping an eye too. I still have a couple of boxes of Rick's 48gr HPBT, and they're pretty decent in my Sumatra.

I have my eye on the 55gr NSA slugs. They'll go a little slower, but if my girl is slinging the 48s at 977, I think I have some speed to spare.


--- Quote from: mobilemail on February 08, 2022, 08:26:24 AM ---Reviving an old post! 

Does anyone know if Rick Morrell is still selling airgun slugs; and if so, where to find his products?  The link to the eBay store in this thread is defunct.

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just in case anyone is interested, he's selling some slugs now on ebay.


--- Quote from: Habanero69er on February 08, 2022, 06:02:31 PM ---I think Rick is done on eBay. I can't find him on eBay either. I've bought a couple times from him. He was a good guy to deal with.

--- End quote ---

I recall that he stopped awhile ago. Thankfully I stocked up on his .25 slugs. Glad to see he's back on ebay again.

I may get some for my Leshiy and both the .35s- thanks for sharing he's back on eBay in bidness :D

Hi Josh,

You sold this gun a while ago on AGN, and now I'm in possession of it.  I own a boatload of .25 slugs.  I'll eventually shoot it, but I don't have a lot of confidence since the previous owner couldn't get the slugs to touch on paper, and my personal experience with slugs in .22 and .177 Korean guns (have not been successful since the twist rates are too slow).


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