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Thanks for your support. Through September 2019


The GTA administration and staff wish to thank each and every one of our members that have so graciously donated over the past month or so. These donations are what keep us going. The funds keep our site bills paid and cover the constant maintenance and tweaks to the software. The merchandise donations go back into the membership through our monthly raffles and as raffles/door prizes at the annual fun shoot. Its your generosity that makes the GTA a cut above the rest.

Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
Name       Date     

pops76      Sep-16
Douglas Albanese      Sep-8
Rocket      Sep-6
vdwb      Sep-2
Mole2017      Aug-31
Earl      Aug-31
Earl      Aug-29
WesBob      Aug-27
Rocky2010      Aug-23
ssbn617      Aug-22
Jeff AKA Privateer      Aug-18
flashover1969      Aug-15
HB      Aug-13
Emilio Avila      Aug-12
screwwork      Aug-10
Back_Roads      Aug-10
Frank      Aug-9
Frank      Aug-9
Frank      Aug-9
Frank      Aug-9
Wayne52      Aug-7
wolverine      Aug-7
wolverine      Aug-7
Hawkeye51      Aug-6
rollosmon      Aug-3
Always Learning      Aug-3
Always Learning      Aug-3
JimmyD.      Aug-2
bxbuilt      Aug-2
triggertreat      Aug-2
dtdtdtdt      Aug-2
jnjhess      Aug-2
Kinetic45^      Aug-2
NautclRltr      Aug-1
Zeddymon      Aug-1
Lefusil      Aug-1
Lastdog      Aug-1
Wepster      Aug-1
Wepster      Aug-1
Wepster      Aug-1
txrascal      Aug-1
Insanity      Aug-1
PaulT58      Aug-1
DadAndy      Aug-1
Mike Baker      Aug-1
Mike Baker      Aug-1
Mike Baker      Aug-1
Mike Baker      Aug-1
MacG      Aug-1
psydca      Aug-1
19Sheridan57      Aug-1
19Sheridan57      Aug-1
avator      Aug-1
Tdubya      Aug-1
young_skywalker      Jul-29
bnowlin      Jul-28
screwwork      Jul-28
Insanity      Jul-28
farmerjoe99      Jul-26
Roadworthy      Jul-26
Point Two Five     Jul-25
nced    Jul-25
Earl      Jul-25
Yarp      Jul-25
mpbby      Jul-25
avator      Jul-25
Zeddymon      Jul-25
 uglymike    Jul-25
Stikkershokk      Jul-25
Thane      Jul-25
ZackUSAF82      Jul-23
chardosmith      Jul-23
5thumbs      Jul-23
TF89      Jul-23
larspawn      Jul-23
Gear_Junkie      Jul-23
ssbn617      Jul-23
mr007s      Jul-23
Habanero69er      Jul-23
AirGunner      Jul-20
Hobbyman2007      Jul-20
uncle paulie      Jul-19
Tater      Jul-19
cpt_sfc      Jun-29
DanD      Jun-14
Sfttailrdr46      Jun-9
Hunter White      Jun-2
avator      May-30
EdinGa      May-28
signal3      May-25
greenbomb      May-20
Tommyzgunz      May-11
Davio      May-1
MoccasinCreekMike      Apr-24
Steveoh      Apr-23
lloyd-ss      Apr-20
Dannyduck      Apr-12
Arch_E      Apr-7
jarmstrong      Apr-6
Zeddymon      Mar-28
NautclRltr      Mar-22
Bobd      Mar-21
UlteriorModem      Mar-17
Insanity      Mar-14
CaptVideo      Mar-7
lloyd-ss      Mar-1
yardnut      Mar-1
Tinknocker1      Feb-22
Omak1      Feb-22
QVTom      Feb-19
Geo Schoonmaker      Feb-19
MauiWally      Feb-11
Kinetic45^      Feb-5
Lob0426      Feb-3
lloyd-ss      Jan-28
Zeddymon      Jan-22
cpt_sfc      Jan-21
lloyd-ss      Jan-20
Hoosier Daddy      Jan-5
Rimshot      Jan-1
Davio      Jan-1


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