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45 caliber Big Bird Big Bore Build

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Sending back the 1-1/8" x .083 as it had some issues on one side.

The drawing process was dirty and it only happened to one side so someoone didnt watch the feed or maybe there was scale.

I tried to clean ot off but it is in some pits.

Ok.  Bad luck with this supplier.  This was a replacement tube, hand picked but it still has a couple gouges and a damaged end from poor packing.

These people dont care about Safety!

I am getting bored/irked waiting on a response about a refund for the crabby tube (s).

So I started working on the 1-1/4" 303 round rod that I have been saving.  I hobbled along but after several meager passes it worked.

I may use it for a 1-1/4" x .095 tube..  I have a 12" piece to play around with.

I figure I only need about a 20" tube for the volume I want. It would be a little heavier but places the center of gravity nearer to the fore hand and allows more room for a moderator if possible.

Tube calculations:
20" for 17.65 ci
Area = 0.8825 x 3000 = 2647.5 lbs force on internals (?)
Not sure if countersunk 1/4 SHCS screws would be enough.

1.172 lbs / ft = 1.953 lbs for 20"

Worked on extending the breech using the 1144.  It's some tough stuff and took a little longer to reduce down but it should be much stronger for the breech connection than 1018.

I had to make a 1" threaded section that was 5/8" x 18 to connect to the breech plug area of the barrel.

I made it a little longer than I needed so I would have enough to play with.  I'll only need about 3".  There is a rebated area in the breech end that I will use for a little more strength.  I'll turn down a little more of the 1144 rod to fit into it..

Mark Davis:
I just asked about the 1144 because I use it for punches, and keep some pieces around for different projects.
Reading your post made me realize it could be useful for end caps on pressure vessels.

No plans to build an air gun yet, but still interested in suitable materials.


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