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Looking for a place to shoot, and people who like to shoot with other Airgunners

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Hello there, i'm looking for Airgunners near Lucedale MS that would be interested to have some shootouts, and of course also a place where to shoot. Right now i'm living inside City limits in an Apartment complex and there is no outside shooting whatsoever.
So mostly when I shoot, it will be my Red Ryder inside the Apartment for a distance of 17 feet. It would be really cool, to find someone and someplace in a distance of 20 to 30 miles to go too.

Iím in Laurel which is about 90 miles from Lucedale.  I wish we were closer.  Iíve met several GTA members and had a good experience every time. 

Have you checked the member map to see if someone is nearby?  This sub forum doesnít get much traffic so it might be more effective to PM someone you know is nearby. 

Yes, that's to sad, Laurel is a little to much out of my reach. No haven't checked the member map lately, the last time I have checked it was about a year or so ago, and there was nothing in reach either, might have to hear around locally with word to mouth campaign I guess.
But I agree, to bad we couldn't be ant closer.

I just got my Umarex Gauntlet. It's looks like not many are into Air Guns here in southern MS

Have a look at the members map and pm someone close to you.


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