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The sky was giving me that gray look though the sun tried it's best at times to peak through but still a good day to ease into the timber with shooter in hand looking to harvest at least one Squirrel along with letting Ma Nature wash the hectic day off the soul and refresh the mind.

The fallen leaves were still damp with the off and on rainfall that has hung around for the past several days but wet leaves made for a silent stalk as I slowly moved along the game trail easing up to the base of trees to blend for a moment and scan the trees and ground for any movement .

I was about 30yrds from the creek that runs through the residents land when I spotted a good sized Squirrel moving along the limbs of a tree that sits on the edge of the creek so I faded off the trail and moved up next to another tree to blend once again and get a bead on the Squirrel and hoping it will hold up for a moment to present a shot.

With the B26.177 ready to go to work I moved my head out from behind the tree just enough to get a eye on the Squirrel and was happy to see that it had found a spot to hold up and do some morning grooming so with that I every so slowly moved myself into position using the tree as a rest so to speak then with the shooter shouldered went to work on aquiring the game through the glass.

Now we got some glass with Squirrel in it so time to Zen up and lock the crosshairs on the fusebox which went ok but now that I'm getting a glass full of Squirrel I can see that it's head is just behind a small branch blocking the spot I was looking for to put the lead where I want it but the Squirrel wasn't moving a inch.

I'm thinking the Squirrel had spotted me though neither were moving but knowing they have great eyesight and was just sitting dead still watching me watching it. It was a watch off lol.

I still had a good shot and sorting this out quickly in my ole brain I figured I could put the lead into the back of the eye and it should grab enough fusebox wiring on it's way through so with that Master plan hehe I locked the crosshairs on the back side of the eye and the distance looking like alittle over 20yrds I settled into the moment then let the lead loose.

The lead found it's mark followed by the Squirrel just free falling from the limb and after hitting the leafy floor below expired with just several quick tail flicks. I wasted no time and was back on the trail and moving down it since the tree was right next to the creek and didnt want the Squirrel to spring back into action for some unknown reason and tumble into the creek yes I have fished them out in the past lol.

I made it to the harvest and it was still right where it had landed and upon further inspection of the shot placement I got a good look at what the lead had done. The pellet had entered just behind the one eye did a pass through exiting directly out the other and knew from the Squirrels activity after getting hit the shot was good and made short work of the workings inside the skull.

Pleased with the results as well as getting a harvest on a gray day I took a moment grab some pics then just found a downed ole tree and relaxed for a bit and look at that the sun decided to peak out and throw some rays down on my little ole hunt world...just smiled and said thanks.

The shot came to 23yrds using the B26.177 and 7.9CPHP and this male Squirrel will make for a fine little meal next to some garden veggies. Ed

Pure awesomeness Ed. I can only imagine the tranquility and beauty. I know if I ever get a chance to settle somewhere back in the States, I'd go for somewhere that has decent woods and perhaps a creek.

I'd love to hunt a patch like that. Then I'd really be hooked on hunting!

Another great shot and another great story!  8)

Great shot Bro Ed!

Bryan Heimann:
That is a fat one.  Nice shot, love reading your posts.  Gotta get out there and get me a squirrel too.

Nice shooting Ed. It's cool to see you getting some squirrels too on top of your normal night critters.


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