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Life in the slow lane

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Despite making time to get out and check the game cams and even holding up in the hide on some chilly nights the activity has slowed but knew it was coming as Ma Nature does her best to put on her winter coat. She's even whispered to the critters to do the same as they all go into winter mode.

I've been deep into winterization myself checking off the "Honey Do" list. Storm windows up pipes wrapped garden put to bed for the year and yet the list keeps getting you Dear lol.

I still make and take the time to get out even if it's only several days a week to hopefully bag a Squirrel or Rabbit or slip out to the hide at night to maybe catch a go getter that still has the taste for chicken.

Last night felt like one of those nights where I needed to get out despite the cool temps and even if I hung in the hide for three or four hours with nothing to show it would still be worth the time I would spend with Ma Nature. So with that in mind and a shooter that would hopefully see more action in the upcoming months I headed out with a positive Zen.

The resident was surprised to see me but always welcomed me and always interested in my plan for attack..."Watcha going after?" he asked and I replied whatever feels like going for some take out chicken hehe. I spent some time chatting with his wife and him and he did mention that he still see's a Bandit and C-rat at the fence of the chicken pen but activity has slowed which doesn't bother him at all.

We finished up our cups of java and with gear in hand made my across the field which has taken on a different colors as browns and tans replace the greens of the summer months and the slight wind which touched my face with a warm welcome at night has lost it's love and bites at any open spot on my clothing.

As I made it to the trail leaves that had given up the ghost blanketed it given me a quiet walk to the hide where I quickly set up along with placing hand warmers where needed to keep the cold bite at bay  and now settled in with shooter at the ready I worked on tuning myself into the evening and having more java at the ready to keep the inside warm and tuned as well.

I did the usual goodie station down the trail as I always do kinda of a stop and go to give me time to lock onto critters and with the lamp lighting up some old steak bones and scraps 25yrds down the trail I watch intently from the hide looking for any movement and around 10:00pm things picked up

I knew what it was even before it was under the main glow of the lamp it's grayish color and that oversized rat profile hehe so I was already dropping down behind the glass as it slowly made it's way in sniffing the ground and picking up the scent of steak and with it wasting no time finding it and going to work on it I went to work myself as waited for the shot I wanted letting the crosshairs settle in on it.

The C-rat finally presented it with bueaty of a front profile as it went down for another mouthful I locked the crosshairs on then with all feeling just right let the lead loose which found it's mark with a loud report. The C-rat dropped to it's side that quick and performed severl slow mo rolls with the rat tail spinning about .

It came to an end shortly after and I could ckearly make out the color red pushing good out the fusebox but still gave it several minutes and just kept a close eye on things through the glass and knowing it was down for good made my way out of the hide with shooter in hand and on down the trail and upon arriving give the male C-rat a poke or two just for safety sake.

The lead found it's mark right where I placed it and as I gloved up I was thinking the night had been good to me and it was still early enough to get back home warm up and dress this fella out so after hauling him back for some pics with the Shadow 1000 .177 in her Winter coat I gathered up the game and gear and headed for the homestead.

Things are slow and wife got me busy but boy is it good to get out and have success when I do. The shot came to 25yrds using the Shadow1000 .177 and 7.9g Crosman Premier domes. She will blend nicely once we get some snow around but she needed some playtime and I couldnt say no hehe.

Another great hunt Bro Ed !

Thanks bro :D. Ed

Great shooting on the C Rat Ed !!! Yep ole man winter is on his way no doubt !!!

Looks like winter activity is good for some and not so much for others. Great story Brother Ed.


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