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Looking for fun shooting events in Oregon and/or Southern Washington State

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I'm near the Portland Metro area. I don't know of anyone getting together to shoot Airguns. I'm interested in any leads or ideas.

Once the weather cooperates, I think it would be fun to have a Pyramyd Gunslynger style shoot, I purchased the "Backyard Slynger Package", so I have enough Airgun Silhouette Targets for for 1 stage (two people shooting against each other).  See for rules.

I also have some 2" and 3" round plate targets that move when hit.

Have you had a chance to check out the member's map? I've found that most members are more than happy to get together for some shooting and comparing toys. Here's a link to the map. Don't forget to poke your pin in it.

Ashland and Grants Pass have active AG clubs

Hi Scott, Thank you. I may try to go down that way in the summer, Given it's a nearly a 5 hour drive each way,  I would need to stay overnight (I'm not as spry as I was 30 years ago...). I'll take a look and see if any weekend events are planned.

Hi  Bill, Thank you. That's a good idea, I have dropped a pin.  I copied the names in the general area and I'll see if any are active on GTA.

I did a member search using location of "Oregon", 5 pages of results!


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