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!!!!Photobucket Hack!!!

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I'm sure this is an acceptable place for this post. If you mods feel there should be a more grand location for this, I totally understand.
   It's very frustrating that we have so many helpful walk-through's, repairs, how to's, reviews, mods, etc. that "use to" have so many helpful pictures. A lot of people can't just envision the details on how to do something without pics. It's not only this forum I see it on so many various other forums that photobucket completely ruined.
   So here is a simple hack to solve the default pic that PB used for all those helpful threads with pictures.

Go to your post.

Hit "modify", go to the URL string for the image and where it ends with "jpeg" simply type in


right after jpeg, so it will now read "jpeg~original" (no quotes of course) then hit "save"

Here is a thread of mine that was ruined by PB and I did this to the top pic. I didn't do it to the rest yet so you guys can see the magic of a couple words. Not sure how long this will work for or if they will catch on? I feel they will probably be going out of business soon. In the mean time I encourage any helpful threads all y'all have to do this to. So to help all future air-gunners, motorcyclist, powder burners, machinist, whatever other sites you guys are goofing with. 
PS. Your all welcome!! Man of 2018...For all sites.

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:
Good Info ! ;)     Thank's Rob ! ;D

I'll give that a try.  I ended up taking care of most of my pic problems already but I think I do have some that still are the photobucket garb.

Yes it does work but like you say maybe not for long. Here is one that I did


Thanks a bunch!  I just fixed a whole lot of photos.  For how long IDK.

The ones I couldn't fix were the photos I took of the 2017 GTA Fun Shoot.  GTA removed the modify button on those post, otherwise I could fix them.


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