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OK , I know it's a long shot but I'm look'n for someone who owns airguns in New Mexico area . I live in Albuquerque and do not know of anyone besides myself that shoots Airguns . I usually just go to the Mesa and shoot ground squirrels and Jack rabbits . Trying to get shooting permissions like the guys in California but it's hard here in New Mexico.  Send me a message if you shoot in New Mexico doesn't matter where as long as it's in New Mexico.  My names Robert

Well, I do! Sorry for the late response, but things here have been a bit hectic. of late.

If you wish, you can PM me, or email me (, or even call me, 575-626-4785.

Have you checked the GTA members map ?
Looks like there might be 3 or 4 members in your area.

No offense meant, but... I am not alone in refusing to pinpoint my spot on the airgun map as it were. I don't hide behind a screen name, my email address is out in the open, and the name on my email address is a dead giveaway if indeed you really wanted to find me. Not only that, but my cellphone number is out on the web, dark and light! There are consequences to doing so, not the least of which are intrusive trolls, which just goes with being on-line at all!


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