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Spring-Piston shooters: How often do you replace the spring?

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Hello, folks:
I ask this question here in WFTF looking for guidance from the shooters who strive for maximum performance from the spring guns.
How often do you replace your spring?
Do you make that judgement according to loss of power or just age of the spring?
Also, do you "pre-set" your spring before using it? (Probably the wrong term, but I'm asking about putting a new spring under tension for maybe 30 minutes before you begin using it.)

Best wishes,
Bob who wants to be WFTF next season

2 seasons on the HW97 factory spring so far.

 I would have to say if breaks or substantial drop in power. I have 2 steel spring guns and 1 gas spring. Both of the steel spring guns are over 30 yrs old and have shot many thousands of pellets. I recently fired both over a chronograph and they are still within 20 fps of original. (my Slavia 630 [570fps with 8 grain ] and Webley Hurricane [428 fps with 7.4 grain]

Unless you leave it cocked sitting in a closet for months or the spring breaks as already stated not to worry. When the spring in my D460 broke near the top hat there was a significant drop in power. My 8.34 JSB 's dropped about an inch at 10 yards

Presetting is a GREAT idea ... assemble gun, cock it and place it in a corner for a day or 3 ... Cycle a few times & chrony ... take back apart and shim spring for the power you want.
In time you see a drastic velocity shift ... RESPRING TIME !!


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