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What to shoot next weekend out of the choices I have ?


I have been shooting everything I have , that I think will be @ or under the 20 fpe enegery level for field target "20 ft lbs btw" so it looks like the Hatsan .177 ATP, is my only low powered PCP w/o doing mods to any others in short notice, around 16 fpe, but might be a challange past 40 yards, not sure if pumpers are allowed ,but the club has relaxed rules due to it just starting this. but any pumper I have will do nicely. LIST that I am considering, webley rebel .177, or my blue streek .20 and most know what they can do , but havent had a chance to take her out past 33 yards. then my first A/G since I got back int air rifles, the Beeman Dual cai with .177 barrel most accurate springer I have but noticed the velosities are fluctuating a bit after a gadzillion rounds threohg her  :-\, , or my almost virgin RWS Mauser that seems to be in the sweet spot for F/T but needs to be scoped and taken to the range and tested out to 100 just to be sure. Oh and maybe the Benji Genasis .22 that I have recently taken a smaller  varmint @ 85 yards with + other amazing feets it has done in the past., still need to Chrono that BRB lol ... and perhaps a couple 13xx that do nicely but would need to switch dot sights to scopes, or do I  ???  ( will copy n paste to F/T  section too they will get an LOL and give me some thoughts too;)

 Well I made a last minute decission to shoot my Mauser, we had one other competing in the piston class, with a 34, so he wouldnt have to shoot alone.
 It was a great time had by all , in a peacefull woods setting . Food and comoradity followed, sharing tips tricks and stories.

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 I did ok for shooting a gun that was scoped and only sighted in @ 10 yards in my basement the night before :)


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