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So.....what did you shoot today?

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Today is the 1st day of my 2 weeks vacation  :D There were no kids' sports activities, no family parties, no chores that needed to be done right was one of those elusive my free day. The day was a bit hot, but dry and barely any wind.....this was going to be one of those good shooting days!

I've recently rediscovered my forgotten Crosman M4-177 pumper, after a member here mentioned he had one on order. So, I dug it out and decided to remove the iron sights and replace it with a red-dot scope. Only took about 5 minutes to sight in the red-dot, and after that the M4 was grouping quarter sized groups at 15ft. Took the M4 outside and sighted in for empty soda cans, hanging on trees, at 15-20yds. Great fun and the arms got a good workout pumping the M4 through nearly 100 rounds.

Arms needed a rest, so I pulled out PRod for a lenghtier, tad more precision shooting, out between 30-50yds.

After several magazines and a cold brew, the arms were fairly rested and ready to go back to the M4.........but it occurred to me that those  hanging cans would be fun and challenging with one of my semi-auto CO2 pistols. I chose the Umarex XBG semi-auto bb pistol. Its a cheapo plastic gun, but accurate(for a bb gun) and lots of fun to empty that 16 round magazine. Those cans were dancing  everywhere. That pistol has a heavy and such a long pull trigger, yet predictable..........but, Man, my right trigger finger got an even better workout than my arms did with the M4.

After a very long shooting session with these 3 guns, I didn't have the desire to even pull out the Armada or Bullboss. I'll save those for a not too distant future long session ;)

So, what did you shoot today (pics are very much encouraged)?

Nothing. I've been working overtime for 9 days in a row. Tomorrow will be 10.  And sadly, none of the extra $ will be going to air rifles or shooting accessories.

Two collared doves and some bottle caps. Also did some penetration testing on styrofoam cups full of water.

A couple birdfeeder bandits with the 880 in the A.M. then worked on my off hand shooting with the RAW at 50 and 15. Maybe 40 shots? I honestly didnt count. I was trying to focus on form

Been shooting my marauder .25 a couple of days now, trying to tune her up a bit, had dialed her down for moore shots for plinking, shooting around 680 for 35 shots, then decided i wanted some more power, so now she is around 800 for 25 shots, first victim was a beancan i filled with water and placed at 35y, the sound of the impact and see it lift straight up like 15 feet made my day!


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