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Good evening Dr. Lizzie.
In the event you charge by the minute for your services, please keep your answer to a minimum....
Can pictures be posted in private messages or links only?
Thank You
NEXT !!!

Haha- that one'll cost ya! :D

Okay, on the attached photo, do you see the little "icon thingie" below the B (for Bold)?
That is the "insert image" icon. Clicking on the insert image icon will bring up this: [ I m g] [ /I m g]
which is where you can paste a photo URL.
Then,  there's always the option to email a photo to another member.

Ok, expect a PM. I'll give it a shot. OH, and I promise only "g" rated.

Well, I messed up and sent a youtube video link. I think I'll just stick with links and e-mails

Well, I didn't get either! LOL.


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