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Well stated.  Thank you.

Well said. If everyone acted responsibly and respect for something that has to be taken care with caution, we wouldn't also have these stupid laws like not being able to shoot even in safe designated places out here in California or other states. Ended up going to a local outdoor range yesterday here by where I live and came home deaf from a guy with his girl friend firing off an AR-15 at a target 5 feet away besides me wasting rounds. Meanwhile I'm enjoying shooting a target at 60 yards with my R9.

 Similar issue at a couple local ranges I frequent, idiots with powder burners , tearing up the grass 10 yards or less from the firing line. Makes me wonder ::)
 I guess they can't golf well either  ;)

the fuse:
"I hate rude behavior in a man. I won't tolerate it."

As a land owner I agree with you 100%.


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