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Strength of Fasteners


I have had some requests about the strength of fasteners, such as those that might be used to retain a valve in a PCP.... Here is a table, developed by Lloyd Sikes, of some common materials, and their typically stated tensile strengths.... Lloyd also calculated the cross-sectional area of the threaded portion, the unthreaded shank, and through a typical socket head (for those installations where the head is the portion in shear).... Note that you need to use the area of the portion of the screw that is in shear in the calculation.... I have added instructions in the bottom left corner of the table of how to make a calculation that would give the theoretical load at failure.... You should use a safety margin of 3.5:1 above the maximum safe working pressure (MSWP), per AMSE requirements....

It might be a good idea to make this a Sticky, and/or put it in the GTA Library.... Note that neither Lloyd or I take any responsibility for your use of this information, we are merely putting the pubished data and standard procedures in one place, for your convenience.... You use it at your own risk and responsibility....


Thanks to the both of you for this information.



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