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When you make a post, please do a couple of things. First off, proof read your post before submitting. And use the spell checker above in the toolbar to make sure all is well. I always use the Preview tab below to review how my post will appear to make sure I have it like I want it to appear.
We have had to remove the editing permissions from members due to a few instances where folks have gone in and deleted the entire content of their posts. This, in many cases, leave big information gaps in otherwise very informative threads. And in many cases removing content makes a thread useless. We cannot have this. We are a public forum and once you make a post, it becomes public information. Because of the issues, we have a time limit of 30 minutes where you CAN make any edits to your posts. After that, the post is locked from editing. If after 30 minutes you find you really need a post edited, you can always click on the Report To Moderator tab. In the report, state what you need edited, why and what you want added or removed. The staff will be happy to assist in cleaning up a post.


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