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There are several tricks and tips for searching for topics on GTA Forums. It will help to know that there are many different "gates" or areas on the forum related to specific airgun manufacturers, country of origin and powerplant type. Look on the right side of any forum page for Select Gate and the drop down arrow. Make yourself familiar with the different areas (gates).
To search, look to the upper right of any page for the Search box. Enter exactly what you are looking for as far as specific airgun type, brand or powerplant. You might even put the name or phrase in quotes to make it more specific. The more information to supply the search engine the better the results will be. If you have more details, just click on the empty "Search" tab. On that page select the "Advanced Search" tab. On this page you can type in a specific phrase and even the members name that you know is involved in the subject you are looking for. Below that you have option to search ALL gates or select just the gates you know are relevant. So, the more information you have, the more successful the search will be.
You can also open a web browser page and go to Google search. In there, insert the topic you want to find followed with in quotes "" and enter. This should give you a list of all pages on GTA with that keyword in the discussion.


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