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Is there any interest in a get together in northern Iowa this summer? 

If so, I am looking at a weekend at a range south of Clarksville just off Highway 3 and west of Shell Rock.  Range has solid benches  and up to 150 yards for those interested in a NUAH qualification.  Trap shooting also available.  Grilling/BBQ may be done on site.  Cost would include a $5.00 membership fee, good for the rest of the year and provides insurance coverage, with other costs to be determined.  There are two campgrounds about equidistant (3-4 miles) from the range with electric hookups for $12 a night.  There is also a paintball range near the Waterloo Airport that will fill tanks to 4500 PSI for $5.00 while you wait.

If you are interested, please respond with shooting interests and a ballpark date.

Clarksville’s Pioneer Days festival is scheduled for June 8-10 – carnival rides, etc.

PS:  For history buffs:  Clarksville is the home of the original Pete & Shortys where the owners of Hooters got there start and their Calendar Girls make an annual, but unannounced, visit during the summer.

Depending on the date, I'll try to make it there but probably wouldn't know for sure until shortly before the date set.

Bob H.:
Sounds like fun.  Lilly and I would be interested, most of our summer is open.


I'm interested. I have a lot of balls in the air right now (life-juggling), so it's hard to say yet whether I will be available.

If my wife hears about the chicken-girls, my wife definitely won't be there, and my efforts won't be so easy either. #jealouswife

I'm definitely interested in this shoot. I have every other weekend off so I'm hoping it lands on the right one. Would love to shoot with some fellow GTAers.


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