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Let's ALL get it straight fellows, that's New Jerkey !

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The Socialist State of New Jerkey !

Home of the strictest and most ridiculous Laws in the United States of America !

The Powers to Be, have ruled, that if it is propelled, it is  a Firearm !!! ???? Even a Sling Shot ????

The HOME of the Protected Criminal !  Nothing that can be used to defend yourself from a criminal is legal here, not pepper spray, not teasers, not stun guns, nothing ! Not even Nun chucks :)  But our criminal are listed as the safest criminals in the Nation !!!!

BB Guns, we can't shoot no stinkin BB guns here   !  :-(

New Jerkey, the State where only criminals and fools can go out at night !

ALL of our members that live in New Jerkey have my most sincere condolences !


uncle paulie:
Hey Bill, it's not the only rediculous state on the east coast.  Some of the others aren't much better.  I think its because we've got an inordinate amount of PC feel-gooders. First they cry they can't stand it when you want to do almost anything, and when they get their way, they cry someone has to do something to fix what they created! Its not nice to shoot bears, deer, geese......... OH MY! The bears are in my back yard! The deer are eating my plants! And the geese are pooing on my lawn! 

To get back on the Gate subject, "Fun Shooting Events", most of the fun shoots are held out of state and a bit too far for me to get to on a day trip. If enough people wanted one here, I think we could invite all the politicians for a fun day... they'd make great targets!

Don C.:
I'm from NJ and you are correct the laws are A--inine! A slingshot is in the same category as a .357!

Another brilliant "zero tolerance" move. If I ever get into burgling, I am gonna start in NJ.

It just seems like too much work anywhere else....

AH Guys,

New Jerkey has the safest criminals in the United States, perhaps the World !

They, the criminals, are protected by the best legal representation that Our politicians legal firms can provide !  You know that they can not have WE honest citizens do harm to their clients, so laws have be implaced to protect them ! No defencive items permitted in New Jerkey !

And should one of their clients get harmed or become injured while committing a crime against an Honest citizen, they, the legal offices of the politicians, will sue the dukey out of YOU ! You know that they have to protect their industry.

Crime in New Jerkey doesn't pay the Criminals, but it sure does keep the Lawyers and Politicians in business.

So you know, You had a Friend in New Jerkey, but He Left !

And will the Last Person Leaving New Jerkey Please Turn OFF the Lights !


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